January, I Loved You…

Wow! I can not believe that it is February already! O_O

January was such a nice month! I wanted to blog about everything because I  smiled a lot during the first month of the year! Even though it is now February I wanted to start off with a recap of some the fun times I had!

This may become an ongoing post just so I can have somewhere to go back and look at the good things that happen in my life. What do you all think??

Okay so … at the start of the year I went to the mall with my sister and picked up a few new makeup goodies from Sephora and a Mac. Here are some of the things I purchased…

Now this dip brow is tricky! One wrong stoke and you’ve got a box for a brow !

This is So Chaud from MAC. I mentioned wanting an orange in my lipstick collection post. Now I finally have one!

I’m so scared of this color but come Spring I will wear this baby outside!

This gel liner is perfect for girls like me who have curly lashes that get in the way of those tiny liner brushes lol I love love love this product!


I got to use these products later that night as the family and I went to a birthday celebration. The theme: Denim, Boots, Blazers.


Then school started (big whoop) which took up all of my time but at the end of the month it was time for more celebrating!

Started off by celebrating 4 years of dating with the love of my life 🙂 Here is my favorite flower from the bouquet of roses he bought me!

The next night we went to another birthday celebration. I happen to know a lot of January babies. I wore a LBD that I purchased from H&M.
THIS is the only good picture I took that night :-/


All in all I was a happy girl!

What did you do in January? Any events? Family outings? Leave a link to your post below so I can go check it out!




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